SOASTA, Inc., a leader in mobile and cloud testing, today announced expanded capabilities of the CloudTest product on the SOASTA platform. Driven by customer load testing in production environments, CloudTest now includes new features to further improve testing time-to-results. SOASTA has also added new cloud capacity across Asia – increasing the Global Test Cloud to include over 750,000 globally distributed, cloud-based load servers.
New CloudTest Capabilities Further Compress Testing Time-To-Results
“Given the business impact, demand for speed and deployment complexity for software, organizations seek features such as test load creation on the fly as well as granular visibility into the impact of specific aspects of their web and mobile applications and flexible editing of test cases including during recording,” said Melinda Ballou, program director for IDC’s Application Lifecycle Management and Executive Strategies service. “We increasingly see the evolution of test solutions to provide these and other capabilities.”

Mixing Board Controls for dynamic ramp adjustment carries on SOASTA’s patented music-mixing paradigm with slider controls for increasing or decreasing distributed user traffic loads while tests are running. Changes and adjustments can be made during tests without stopping, starting or rescheduling.
Active Waterfall Charts provide live views of the most time-consuming elements of front-end web performance.  Static waterfall charts are a well-known resource for single-user diagnostics and optimization. But now within CloudTest, live views of how individual web elements affect the overall user experience can be viewed and analyzed in the context of end-to-end performance tests while they execute.
Record to Clip capabilities accelerate test creation time by enabling advanced editing of test cases in line while tests are recorded.  CloudTest users can now further streamline test creation by interactively editing test cases during the recording process. This allows experienced users to compress the steps of recording a test and editing the test into one continuous task – further decreasing pre-test activities.
“At Experian Marketing Services we’re committed to continuing to build a world class global QA organization, and SOASTA’s CloudTest platform has been instrumental in enabling us to successfully achieve key goals.  CloudTest is empowering our global development teams to address issues earlier in the process, as well as test applications faster, more rigorously, and at scale for less cost.” said Larry Cohen, Global Head of QA at Experian Marketing Services. “As a result, our clients directly benefit as we are able to deliver a robust and resilient product.”
“So far, we have been using CloudTest for functional and performance testing on our web applications, and it has become a fundamental part of our QA process as it helps to detect defects or risks at earlier stages of the development,” said Carlos Monroy, Global Tech Lead, QA Automation at Experian Marketing Services. “For example, with our new global Cross-Channel Marketing Platform, we have been able to execute more complex tests in less time; with the additional benefit of transparency, as all the teams involved know in advance what and how everything is going to be tested.”
“We are very excited about using the latest SOASTA CloudTest release for our new global Cross-Channel Marketing Platform,” added Cohen, “This will enable us to dial traffic up or down in real-time, regardless of the scale of the test, accelerate test creation time, and get live insight into the all the performance elements that could impact our users’ experiences around the globe, which is very important to us.”
Test Cloud Expansion Extends Cloud Testing Coverage in Asia
With new Cloud Service Providers like StratoGen and uCloud, plus additional cloud locations from Amazon AWS, Google, HP Cloud and IBM Smart Cloud, SOASTA’s Global Test Cloud now offers web and mobile traffic generated from China, Taiwan,  Japan and Australia from cities including Beijing, Hong Kong, Jinghua, Tianjin, Tokyo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Sydney and Yunfu.  Already the largest test cloud of available load generators, customers continue to benefit from SOASTA’s ever-expanding ability to scale to any level of traffic as global public and private cloud computing platforms expand.
“We’re pleased to welcome SOASTA, the leader in cloud testing, to our cloud platform.” Said Karl Robinson, Sales Director at StratoGen. “We’re excited to provide SOASTA with additional cloud capacity in Asia as well as the UK and US to best support the expanding global demand of customers who need accurate and realistic tests for their web and mobile apps.”
“The world’s best companies use SOASTA CloudTest to optimize user experiences and protect web and mobile revenue,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO.  “In fact, one of the nation’s biggest retailers saved an estimated $30,000 in revenue in the first hour of launch using SOASTA CloudTest. We’ve become an enterprise fixture with capabilities driven by customers pushing the edge of testing, who in turn, push us to continued levels of market leadership.”
All of the capabilities described here are shipping and available to SOASTA customers today.  To learn more and see the entire set of new CloudTest capabilities, please join the live webinar “Load Testing Tips from the Cloud Testing Leader” at 10:00 a.m. PST on May 16, 2013.