SOASTA, Inc., the leader in cloud and mobile testing, today announced the availability of rapidly-deployed mobile quality solutions that eliminate the major risks reported by IT organizations across industries: TouchTest and CloudTest software, automated local mobile device labs, mPulse for monitoring real mobile users and SOASTA mobile experts.  With SOASTA’s combination of 100% test automation, constant access to real mobile device labs, cloud-based mobile performance testing, and global visibility of application users, customers are cutting delivery time, reducing risks of failure, and gaining global visibility of real mobile users.

“SOASTA is protecting the billions, even trillions, of mobile user experiences that businesses depend on today,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO. “When feature phones were prevalent, manually testing an array of different hosted phones and optical-based solutions were adequate.  Now it’s all about the apps, and mobile development and operations teams want local access to devices, immediate results with test automation that doesn’t break and real-time visibility into their real mobile user’s experiences.  That’s what we’ve built for them.”

TouchTest software focuses on speed in every aspect of test automation. From test creation, test execution and validation, to access to real local or remote devices, SOASTA’s pioneering in-app, object-level approach is the only method proven to deliver on the value of precise, stable mobile test automation – eliminating time and manual effort for positive end user results, fast.   Other solutions emphasize access to devices on their schedule and their terms and rely on fragile optical recognition approaches. TouchTest enables 100% hands-free and always-on availability.

The TouchTest Mobile Device Lab delivers an on-site turn-key solution for integrated mobile test automation.  The on-premise mobile testing lab uses SOASTA’s Continuous Integration Testing Framework to ensure agile testing, from inside the mobile applications, on any number of devices.  The TouchTest Mobile Device lab includes some of the most popular mobile phones and tablets on the market today from iPad Minis to the latest Galaxy tablets – among many others. Test results and performance metrics are instantly available through an interactive dashboard to identify regressions, validate an array of pre-built elements or images, and understand the mobile app’s impact on battery, CPU and RAM.

CloudTest software has established SOASTA as the leader in cloud testing.  It is used by SOASTA customers everyday to assure mobile and web apps won’t fail under user loads. Nearly all enterprise mobile apps depend on backend services or legacy database and require scalability testing to assure mobile end users are delivered positive experiences. CloudTest delivers at any scale, anytime using cloud computing platforms across the globe.

mPulse measures and monitors the real user experience of mobile applications.  For the first time, mobile app owners can measure performance of native, hybrid, and mobile web apps based on real time performance data and its effect on mobile user experiences. mPulse collects and aggregates performance and engagement metrics that effect user interaction across multiple dimensions including, device type, OS, browser version and geography — directly from the users’ mobile app or browser — instantly presenting the most relevant information for optimizing the user experience.

SOASTA expert personnel provide everything needed for quality results, fast.  Mobile testing skills are rare today, and SOASTA’s mobile experts jump-start customer success.  From online or on-site Quick-Start trainings to fully managed mobile lab implementations brought ready-to-run to customer sites, SOASTA people deliver.
“Over 850 clients depend on us to deliver rock-solid performance to their customers, ensuring the best quality every step of the way.” said Steven Winter, mFoundry’s Director of Quality. “The speed and precision of our automated mobile testing lab built with SOASTA and their expert guidance reduces the time and resources needed to bring our product to market and increases our test coverage to handle our rigorous mobile quality demands with ease.”

“Mobile testing is already challenging, and will be more so as devices become more diverse and sophisticated, platform variants emerge and applications grow more complex due to the introduction of concepts such as context,” said Nick Jones, Vice President, Gartner.  “As applications become more demanding and complex, plan to perform more testing on real devices and networks, rather than through emulators.”