Soft Xpansion has released a new version of its PDF Xpansion SDK, which is a set of developer libraries that implement PDF functionality into applications. Version 10 enables software developers to integrate the use of PDF files on desktop PCs with Microsoft Windows and on mobile devices with ARM architecture and Windows RT. Moreover, the overall performance of the SDK has been improved and pricing has been made more flexible. The new version can be used as an alternative to PDF Xpansion SDK 8, which is still available.

The basic functionality of SDK 10 can be seen in the freeware program PDF Xpansion Reader for Windows RT. This PDF viewer for tablet PCs with ARM architecture is available for download in Microsoft’s Windows Store.

The PDF Xpansion SDK 10 is made up of one single library (API) for three development platforms. It offers similar structure and functionality: C++ for PC desktop programs and server solutions plus Windows RT for Windows Store applications. Besides, .NET development is possible and a PDF viewer as Win Forms and WPF controls are available. With the SDK functionality implemented, end users do not need any extra programs to create, edit and view PDF files.

The price for the components of the PDF Xpansion SDK 10 is based on a lump sum license fee that grants a permanent license, which is neither dependent on the amount of copies of the application, nor on the number of developers.

Optionally, customers may sign a maintenance contract with a 1-year term. The contract entitles them to download version updates free and to get extensive product support.

New approaches in Version 10
* New SDK generation: enables software developers to integrate PDF functionality on mobile devices with ARM architecture and Windows RT
* Portability on other platforms made faster and easier
* Performance improved significantly
* Pricing more flexible and transparent than with version 8: the SDK library may be licensed with the desired functionality, so that functionality that is not needed has not to be paid

Operating Systems
The PDF Xpansion SDK 10 has been developed for applications that run on Windows 8, RT, 7, Server 2012 and 2008 (32 and 64 bit platforms).

Detailed information on the PDF Xpansion SDK 10 is available on the product page on the Internet. The material includes a trial license, a product guide and a programming reference.

More software based on PDF Xpansion
The SDK is based upon Soft Xpansion’s PDF Xpansion technology, which is used by several companies in their own software applications. Moreover, Soft Xpansion has implemented the technology into its own Perfect PDF & Print 8 product family. The family members consist of retail desktop applications, server solutions and freeware.