SoftFluent announced that it has included support for Microsoft SQL Azure into CodeFluent Entities, the first development tool allowing you to transparently deploy over an on premise database or a cloud- based database. Thanks to its simple non-UML model-driven approach, CodeFluent Entities gives developers the maximum flexibility to get their application running in any web, rich or smart client architecture, while allowing the persistence layer to be transparently deployed on an on-premise database or on SQL Azure in the cloud.

Beyond the support of SQL Azure, CodeFluent Entities also introduced a new feature which lets you store your Binary Large Objects (a.k.a. blobs) such as images, videos or documents in Windows Azure’s blob storage. Along the process, CodeFluent Entities successfully passed the Microsoft Platform Ready test and is now certified for the Windows Azure platform.

“CodeFluent Entities gives you total flexibility to create an architecture which matches your exact needs. One can easily build a Microsoft SharePoint user interface thanks to the CodeFluent Entities generated web parts, while at the same time consume a database on the cloud; an architecture that would require months of consulting to design without such a product”, says Omid Bayani, CodeFluent Entities program manager.

“SoftFluent is another example of a company taking advantage the Windows Azure platform to rapidly develop and deploy next generation solutions for its customers,” said Aashish Dhamdhere, senior product manager, Windows Azure at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft is pleased to be working with SoftFluent to help extend its existing investments into future cloud computing.”

As a matter of fact, this solution is already used by Securibox, an industry solution for sorting and storing personal documents on the cloud.