SoftFluent announced today at the Dev Connections conference that CodeFluent Entities now generates Visual Basic .NET code in addition to the already supported C# language. From now on, by turning a button, developers can generate their entire .NET Business Object Model (BOM), which is the heart of applications built with CodeFluent Entities, and target their respective Visual Studio projects in one language or the other.

CodeFluent Entities is a model-first code generator that works directly inside Visual Studio and provides a structured method and the corresponding tools to develop .NET applications, based on any type of architecture, from an ever changing business model and rules, at an unprecedented productivity level. CodeFluent Entities is based on a pluggable producer logic, which, from a declarative model, continuously generates ready-to-use, state-of-the-art, scalable, high-performance, and easily debuggable source code and components.

“Thanks to our free version for personal usage, we get a lot of developers from all over the world downloading the product every day. Over the past year, it appeared that many of them were interested in having the full features of our generated BOM in the Visual Basic language.” said Daniel Cohen-Zardi, SoftFluent Chief Executive Officer. “The speed at which the Visual Basic support was brought to market testifies the benefit of a model-driven approach that translates design into development with minimal effort. It demonstrates clearly how this approach reduces dependency to lower level technologies. At the same time, to increase the reach of worldwide developer communities, SoftFluent also decided to create a free MVP license program that will entitle all Microsoft MVPs to get CodeFluent Entities for free and which they can use in their real- world enterprise projects.”

“Microsoft has always supported a diversity of languages for the .NET platform,” said Robin Cole, senior director of Visual Studio Integration Partners for Microsoft Corp. “CodeFluent Entities support of Visual Basic will help provide a larger community of developers with an efficient model-driven approach on the Microsoft developer platform.”