Android today announced that it is releasing Privacy Sandbox on Android Developer Preview 5, which includes modifications to the SDK Runtime design to allow reflection API usage and additional published design proposals on FLEDGE services, mediation, and app-to-web measurement. 

In the SDK Runtime, apps get additional control on runtime-enabled SDK lifecycle events such as when the SDK is unexpectedly terminated by the platform. Also, the ‘SdkSandboxLifecycleCallback’ allows the app to take appropriate actions to recover. Apps now have access to the IBinder interface to gain two-way communications with the runtime-enabled SDK. 

The FLEDGE on Android API allows users to set up a daily fetch URL to update custom audience AdData lists and other metadata. New API signature changes and additional parameter validation helps with robustness. 

The Attribution Reporting API introduces additional features including encrypted aggregation report support, cross app and web measurement support, and consolidated headers in source and trigger registration responses. 

The Topics API includes an updated taxonomy for the classification of mobile apps. 

Also, app developers must now declare AdServices permissions to access the privacy preserving APIs. Developers must first enable the APIs and configure API-specific permissions to access the Privacy Sandbox in Developer Preview 5.