Edge Delta, provider of observability tools, today introduced a free version of its product in order to bring users intelligent and automated monitoring and troubleshooting for applications and services running in Kubernetes.

The free edition is designed to deliver time-to-value and allow engineers to spend their time on core tasks. 

Additionally, it works to detect “unknown unknowns,” or anomalies and issues that an organization has not built rules or logics to catch.

“Developers want two main things from their observability tools – an easy and credible way to check the health of their services; and a quick and seamless way to troubleshoot any issues that arise,” says Ozan Unlu, CEO and founder of Edge Delta. “Traditional observability tools weren’t built to prioritize the developer experience, requiring a lot of time and effort that takes developers away from building great software. We want to give this valuable time back to them by providing an elegant and free solution for monitoring and troubleshooting applications running in Kubernetes environments.”

According to the company, this release is best suited for smaller, resources-limited development teams. A few of the core benefits include:

  • Automated manual toil to help development teams with continuous delivery by enabling observability tooling to keep up with modern software delivery
  • Reduce the noise of log data to help developers make sense of datasets by running analytics on log data when it is created
  • Find and troubleshoot every issue to help teams understand the root cause of them

To get started with the free edition, visit the website