HashiCorp announced that it is open-sourcing the design system used in the company’s product UIs called Helios. 

Helios was launched internally 6 months ago, and it enables product teams to create beautiful, consistent, and accessible user experiences and interfaces, all while being scalable and flexible.

“The public launch of Helios is an active choice to deliver beautiful user interfaces and experiences across the full range of our customer-facing touchpoints,” Brian Runnels and Misha Dhar from HashiCorp wrote in a blog post. “By establishing a standardized design language, we aim to increase design quality with greater consistency across our product lines. And we hope Helios can help others do the same.”

Helios contains reusable building blocks such as alerts, badges, button sets and much more to save developers time and also provides design decisions and guidance for colors, icons, typography, and more.

The company stated that it plans to add “atomic and molecular elements” to its library consisting of new icons, foundational components, and patterns that serve the needs of its products. HashiCorp also announced that it is also launching Hermes, a new open-source document management system that uses Helios.