Upbound, the creator of the open source project Crossplane, has announced managed control planes (MCP) for the project. 

This means that Crossplane can auto-scale as more resources are added, major and minor upgrades of core components are handled in the background, and automatic snapshots are made for backup purposes. 

Platform operators can also do things like view control plane usage, debug API calls, and integrate with logging and monitoring solutions. 

Control plane configurations are stored in a git repository, and team members can add to the customizations through there and push updates to the control plane without needing to manage the deployment pipeline. 

The Operator Console and Control Plane Portal provide a single view of the control planes that are deployed. These also act as self-service portals for developers, leading to increased efficiency and shortened development time. 

The company also announced a new MCP Connector that can be installed in a Kubernetes cluster. The connector supports managing infrastructure and resources in a single GitOps flow. 

“Many organizations find themselves embarking on similar journeys: building ‘golden paths,’ ‘launch zones,’ or ‘cloud infrastructure self-service.’ These organizations are all building their own internal platforms above the clouds — and they’re using Crossplane to power them,” said Bassam Tabbara, CEO and founder, Upbound. “The release today unlocks unparalleled scale and management of these control planes.”