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As the GitOps trend continues to take hold of the software development community, a group of technology companies are banding together to provide developers with the necessary skills. Amazon, Codefresh, GitHub, Microsoft, and Weaveworks announced the GitOps Working Group. This is an open Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project inside the fluxcd GitHub organization. 

The working group is launching to provide skills, knowledge, and competency when implementing GitOps tools and methodologies. 

“The creation of the GitOps Working Group was driven by the accelerating adoption of GitOps tools and methodologies by users of services from Amazon, Codefresh, GitHub, Microsoft, Weaveworks, and hundreds of other leading global companies that are adopting GitOps. This, combined with the recommendation by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) user community to adopt Flux, made it clear that GitOps is fast becoming the methodology of choice for operating modern cloud native infrastructure and applications,” according to the announcement of the working group. 

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According to the CNCF, users have seen improvements in productivity, stability, reliability and security when adopting GitOps to their cloud-native environments. 

The working group plans to deliver a vendor-neutral GitOps Manifesto that will clearly define the principles and technical aspects of GitOps. The team hopes to have version 1 of the manifesto completed by March 2021. 

The five principles of GitOps are: 

  1. Declarative configuration: All resources are expressed declaratively
  2. Version control, immutable storage: Declarative descriptions are stored in a repository like git
  3. Automated delivery: The delivery of declarative descriptions are fully automated. 
  4. Software agents are used to maintain system state
  5. Close loop: Actions are performance between the version control declarative configuration and the state of the system system

As part of the formation of the working group, Weaveworks also announced the Certified GitOps Practitioner program to provide credentials for GitOps concepts, skills and technologies. 

“This program aims to share the GitOps methodology with existing software practitioners, to ensure that the principles of GitOps are transmitted faithfully and that organizations can benefit from all of the benefits GitOps brings to software management practice. Technical staff that complete this program and earn a certification in GitOps will be able to take these best practices into their organization and help transform their teams to improve operations, reliability and speed of delivery,” the company wrote on its website.