Ambassador Labs announced the release of its new Ambassador Developer Control Plane 1.0 (DCP), which lets developers code, ship and run apps using Kubernetes faster.

The control plane provides a new managed cloud UI and an integrated toolchain built entirely on top of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open-source projects. 

Developers can use the control plane to view and manage their organization’s apps and services across development, deployment, and production environments without needing to stitch together Kubernetes tools or needing to compromise productivity. 

Ambassador Labs also unveiled two new developer programs that are designed to elevate hands-on learning with Kubernetes: Summer of Kubernetes and the Ambassador Community Advocate program.

“Kubernetes has become an industry-standard and organizations are now faced with a dizzying ecosystem of cloud native open source tools. To deal with increasingly complex tool sprawl, companies have resorted to gluing together various homegrown systems to improve the Kubernetes developer experience,” said Richard Li, the CEO and founder of Ambassador Labs. “A modern developer control plane is necessary to accelerate Kubernetes adoption with less complexity and our mission is to put one in the hands of every developer and at the heart of every organization.” 

DCP is now available as a managed solution that integrates the Service Catalog, source control, Kubernetes and key CNCF technologies in a new UI.

Also, Telepresence now runs in more places with support for container-based continuous integration systems, macOS and Linux. 

The new platform can also be used to manage canary releases to quickly and safely ship updates since DCP is powered by the open-source project Argo and can integrate into existing GitOps workflows. 

Contributors to Emissary-ingress, a CNCF Incubation project, now benefit from an overhauled contribution, release, and testing process, according to the company in a post that contains additional details.