Asana announced the release of its Enterprise Work Graph, a suite of new features that gives enterprises the ability to adapt to business challenges. 

It combines the power of Asana’s proprietary Work Graph data model and new enterprise-grade security and controls.

“Enterprises today are organized functionally but the reality is that work happens cross-functionally,” said Anne Raimondi, chief operating officer of Asana. “The misalignment between how teams are organized and how work actually gets done is fueling work about work across organizations. With the Enterprise Work Graph, Asana is solving the universal challenges of cross-team coordination by providing the clarity teams need to stay connected, no matter where they are in the world.”

The new solution provides visibility into how work connects with company objectives within an organization and Asana is evolving its new Goals API with data and insights from mission-critical tools to monitor impact and inform executive decisions.

Coming soon, Asana will deliver automatic progress updates for Goals that provide real-time insights on the achievement of company objectives with no manual work needed.

With the new Workflow Builder, anyone in the organization can create workflows with no coding required with point-and-click tool builds that automate all of the steps in a workflow. 

“The forthcoming Workflow Builder and Library will give teams the ability to create their own or leverage best-in-class, pre-built workflows to power projects and drive efficiencies,” the company stated in a post.