Atlassian has announced it is acquiring the Automation for Jira makers Code Barrel. According to the company, Automation for Jira is a top selling Atlassian Marketplace app with a 6,000 and growing customer base who are executing more than 40 million automation rules a month. 

“We are as ever, committed to our mission to create an easy-to-use team productivity tool that users can feel passionate about. Becoming part of Atlassian will provide an amazing opportunity for us to continue building a solid solution for what our customers need and we’ll now be able to invest in R&D more heavily to further improve Automation for Jira,” Andreas Knecht, founder of Code Barrel, wrote in a post

Automation for Jira is a no-code rules builder designed to automate routine operations such as creating an issue, linking two issues together, and automating onboarding and permissioning. 

“By having computers do more of the time-consuming and error-prone work, teams can win back more of their most precious resource: time. We’re thrilled by the way Automation for Jira brings you more time to focus on deep, meaningful work and unleashes more of your team’s potential,” Noah Wasmer, head of tech teams for Atlassian, wrote in a post