The team at the global infrastructure technology company Broadcom recently announced the general availability of Broadcom Clarity 16.0.1 for On-Premise and SaaS users. With this release the Clarity Product Team brings customers several new features.

This update introduces Visual Resource Staffing in the form of an allocation timeline which shows an investment timeline utilizing either Allocations by Investments or Allocations by Resources layouts at the top of the page and Capacity, Allocation, and Remaining Capacity using either Resource Availability or Resources by Role at the bottom of the page.

Additionally, Configurable Visual Widgets have been added to several functional areas, including Investments, Sub Objects, Planning, and Workspaces. With this, users can also create Widgets and have the option to share them in a library.

This release also brings a deeper level of focus on improving the Project Management user experience. This includes the ability to display financial and custom per-period metrics in Project, Idea, and Custom Investment and Hierarchy Investment grids. Additional per-period metrics include Actual Capital Cost, Actual Operating Cost, Forecast Capital Cost, Forecast Operating Cost, and more.

This also brings new Clarity Connections including the Clarity-Rally integration with additional no-code tools in order to create new Clarity Investments from Rally, and synchronize Rally lookups between Clarity Roadmap Items and their linked investments. 

Several improvements have been introduced through Broadcom’s Customer Innovation Panel process. These include: 

  • Enhanced Investment Status Reports 
  • Powerful Roadmap capabilities including the ability to configure visual indicators 
  • Enhanced governance controls with field-level security support for the Task and Time entry object
  • The ability to perform auto-scheduling or create a tentative schedule from the Project Tasks Timeline
  • Added capability to translate Blueprint Channels, Sections, and Action Names into other languages

The release also brings users several miscellaneous quality of life UX improvements such as a new Task management workspace; the ability to display Roadmap Targets in Timeline, Board, and Grid views leveraging configurable widgets; improvements to the Staff Module with a user action to perform allocation from estimates; and more.

To learn more about this release, see here.