Collaborative IDE provider CodeStream has announced a new version of its platform. CodeStream 7.0 includes updates to code reviews and a Live View that shows what everyone is working on.

Updates to code reviews include the ability to request code reviews right from the IDE, notifications when code reviews are initiated, the ability to do code reviews within the IDE, and the ability to search for code reviews. According to CodeStream, these new features are currently available in the JetBrains and VS Code editors, and they are working to add support for additional editors.

The Live View provides a snapshot of what every team member is working on. In this view, the repositories in which developers have made changes are shown below their name. Users can also hover over repo entries to see a list of files that have been changed, along with the line number additions and deletions.

CodeStream 7.0 also adds a merge conflict alert that displays an orange badge when another team member is making changes in a file that you have also edited. This will help teams avoid merge conflicts.

This release also provides team creators with the ability to assign admin privileges to other team members through the Team tab. Users can also now change account information such as email address, username, and full name.