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New Relic introduces metrics to deliver insights into performance at the code level

Observability company New Relic announced CodeStream code-level metrics and service-level telemetry in order to offer users deeper insights into software performance down to the code level.  This allows developers to find issues quickly before they make it into production, as well as speed up the velocity of engineering.  According to the company, providing developers with … continue reading

SD Times news digest: New Relic acquired CodeStream; SambaNova announces GPT-powered language model; Django 4.0 beta 1

New Relic announced the acquisition of CodeStream, creating New Relic CodeStream, an observability solution for developers that is now available to the public. New Relic CodeStream works to connect telemetry data directly to relevant code inside the IDE, allowing developers to instrument, collaborate, and debug issues with increased speed and ease.  With the acquisition of … continue reading

SD Times news digest: CodeStream 12.0; PyTorch 1.10; Google updates Play Store fees for developers

CodeStream announced the release of CodeStream 12.0, bringing observability capabilities into the IDE. Bringing observability into the software development life cycle will enable developers to spend more time building better software and delivering quality digital experiences.  With CodeStream 12.0, operations and development teams can identify application owners quickly and work together to remedy critical errors. … continue reading

CodeStream 7.0 introduces Live View to show what other devs are working on

Collaborative IDE provider CodeStream has announced a new version of its platform. CodeStream 7.0 includes updates to code reviews and a Live View that shows what everyone is working on. Updates to code reviews include the ability to request code reviews right from the IDE, notifications when code reviews are initiated, the ability to do … continue reading

SD Times news digest: GitHub introduces CodeSearchNet challenge, CodeStream 3.0 released, and Rust 1.38

GitHub introduced a CodeNetSearch challenge to expand its evaluation dataset and include more languages, queries and annotations in the future.  GitHub said it is anticipating other use cases for the dataset beyond code search and are presenting code search as one possible task that leverages learned representations of natural language and code.  The company also … continue reading

SD Times news digest: SnapLogic announces August 2019 release, Crystal 0.30.1, and CodeStream is now available on premise

SnapLogic announced the latest release of its Intelligent Integration Platform, adding new AI capabilities that recommend completed pipelines from within an organization or from the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog.  The August 2019 release also includes enhanced search capabilities through the Iris AI that now directs users to project spaces containing the pipelines that are most relevant … continue reading

Codestream: Google Docs for code

One of the many struggles that development teams face is trying to figure out what other developers were thinking when they wrote a certain piece of code. Codestream is a tool that aims to eliminate that issue and make it easier for developers to collaborate and share knowledge. Codestream is an interface that sits alongside … continue reading Protection Status