GitHub wants to it easier for its users to anticipate and plan around new features. The GitHub public roadmap will allow GitHub to clearly communicate what it is working on, while giving users a way to plan for new releases.

On the roadmap there are several boards, each pertaining to a particular upcoming release. Items on the board relate to a particular feature, and those items will link to more detailed issues with information on what exactly is planned.

According to the company, each item on the GitHub public roadmap is labeled with the following information:

  • Release phase, which describes the next expected phase for the item
  • Feature area, which indicates what area the item belongs to
  • Feature, which indicates the feature or product that the item belongs to 
  • Product SKU(s), which indicates which product SKU(s) the feature is expected to be available in
  • Deployment model, which indicates whether it is being deployed on cloud or server and when

“As customers have gotten used to us shipping new things, we’ve also heard you clearly tell us that you’d like more visibility into what we’re working on, what we’re going to be shipping, and when … With more transparency into what we’re building, you can also plan better and share feedback earlier to influence what we’re building,” Shanku Niyogi, senior vice president of product at GitHub, wrote in a post.

The GitHub public roadmap is available as a public repository on GitHub here