GitHub has announced the second cohort of GitHub Accelerator, which is a program that funds and supports chosen open-source projects. 

Each project receives $400,000 in support, broken down into $40,000 in non-dilutive sponsorship funding from GitHub Sponsors and $350,000 in Microsoft benefits, such as Azure and OpenAI credits, free Copilot and GitHub projects, and connection to GitHub Fund and Microsoft’s M12 Venture Fund. 

“GitHub is on a mission to enable a world where 1 billion individuals call themselves developers. GitHub Accelerator is one of many possible ways to support open source—but that impact is really made when everyone supports the technology they rely on. We want to ensure that open source thrives, developers have the choice to contribute full-time to the projects they care about most, and those depending on open source benefit from the innovation and sustainability. Together, we can invest, build, and nurture more open source categories, projects, and people,” GitHub wrote in a blog post

This most recent cohort was themed around open-source AI, and the winning projects include: 

  • UnslothAI, which uses emerging technologies to fine tune open source models faster and using less memory than competitors
  • Giskard, a library for testing and evaluating LLMs
  • A-Frame, which integrates AI workflows into the creator of AR/VR experiences
  • Nav2, an autonomous mobile robots navigation solution
  • OpenWebUI, a UI for running AI and LLMs locally
  •, which is a set of tools that can be used to build enterprise LLM applications 
  • LangDrive, a framework for training and deploying LLMs via an API and configuration files
  • HackingBuddyGPT, which provides AI copilots for security teams 
  • Web-Check, which provides security insights into websites, infrastructure, and servers
  • Marimo, a notebook for AI and machine learning
  •, a unified LLM Chat API