The Innovation Graph is a new resource that offers ongoing data about software development in various global economies. It was recently launched with a dedicated webpage and repository. 

This resource provides quarterly data on various aspects of software development, including Git activity, developers, organizations, repositories, programming languages, software licenses, topics, and economic collaborations, starting from 2020. 

The platform also offers various data visualizations, and detailed information about their data collection methods is available in their repository. Importantly, all the data is available for download and is licensed under CC0-1.0, meaning it can be used freely.

The Innovation Graph is aimed at benefiting researchers, policymakers, and developers by providing accessible data. A study commissioned by GitHub revealed that researchers in fields like international development, public policy, and economics had a desire to use GitHub data but encountered obstacles in accessing and utilizing it. 

The Innovation Graph is designed to address these challenges by making data more readily available. It will not only assist researchers in the mentioned fields but also benefit those in other disciplines who can now access aggregated data conveniently without relying on third-party data providers or facing data unavailability issues.

Developers will be able to see and explore the broader context for their contributions, for example, how developers collaborate across the global economy, or how the particular language or topic they are interested in is trending around the world.

Additional details are available here.