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Go 1.14 is on track to be released in February, but the Go team is already planning ahead to the next release. Go 1.15 is scheduled for August, and the team is currently considering what library and language changes to include. 

According to the team, the primary goals for Go are package and version management, better error handling support, and generics. The team also stated that module support is in good shape and is constantly improving, as well as its generics. 

They also revealed that they aren’t pursuing changes to error handling at the moment. Seven months ago they tried to improve error handling with the “try” proposal, but there was opposition to it and eventually the team abandoned it. According to the Go team, there haven’t been any convincing follow up proposals since then. 

Other than the modules and generics that are being worked on, the Go team is planning on refraining from any major changes with Go 1.15, but are concentrating on a few changes to vet. It has selected three proposals from the community: diagnose string(int) conversion in go vet, diagnose impossible interface-interface type assertions in go vet, and constant-evaluate index and slice expressions with constant strings and indices. 

The team hopes to have these changes implemented by the beginning of the Go 1.15 release cycle so that there is ample time for gathering feedback from the community.