Google is open-sourcing its gRPC Kotlin project, enabling developers to pair the high performance RPC framework gRPC with the Kotlin language. 

“As developers work to modernize applications, they need foundational tools that are simple and scalable,” Google software engineer Louis Wasserman and developer programs engineer Brent Shaffer wrote in a post

The project provides Kotlin-friendly gRPC classes, such as support for Kotlin coroutines. 

According to Wasserman and Shaffer, these are several use cases for gRPC Kotlin, one exciting case being the ability to create services that run on Cloud Run. Google has recently announced that Cloud Run supports unary gRPC and with today’s announcement, developers will be able to deploy unary gRPC Kotlin services on Cloud Run too. 

Another ability that gRPC Kotlin provides is the ability to stream RPCs using Kotlin’s Flow API. 

“Together, gRPC and Kotlin have the potential to improve how you develop mobile and cloud-native applications, and we’re excited for you to give the project a spin and let us know how things go,” Wasserman and Shaffer wrote.