HCL Software is working to improve developer productivity and tackle changing business needs. The company made a number of announcements and updates at its inaugural Digital Week user conference.

The HCL Digital Experience (DX) solution has been updated to address cloud-native deployments. Features include a new digital asset manager, developer toolkits, and cloud-native capabilities for hybrid cloud deployments. According to the company, these new features will enable developers to improve productivity by 60%, and admins to deliver capabilities 10x faster. 

“It’s about more than creating a website. The power of HCL DX is to seamlessly combine digital content, complex business applications, and digitized business processes into a secure, impactful digital experience for an organization,” said Darren Oberst, CVP and head of HCL Software. “We’ve listened to our customers and developed a significantly easier and faster way to enhance and deliver user experiences that matter.”

The general availability of HCL Sametime Premium was also announced at the platform to give users a secure video meetings and chat platform. Key features in this release includes data privacy, encryption and auditability; more control of meeting costs; instant meetings and chats; and new automations to save configuration and admin time. 

“The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the critical need and importance of a reliable and secure communications platform that not only allows an organization to seamlessly continue their locale-based work remotely, but to do so efficiently, without navigating expensive runaway SaaS pricing,” said Oberst. “From the largest team to the smallest workgroup, we want to reinvent video conferencing into a true “Digital Office” to enable and drive collaboration and teamwork effectively and with great value.”

Lastly, the company announced version 7 of its employee collaboration platform Connections. Connections is designed to harness conversations from Microsoft Teams and turn them into working communities with identifiable experts. The solution is expected to become generally available next month. 

Users can expect to get Microsoft Teams up and running 80% faster; easy-to-use templates, ability to integrate with Microsoft 365; and ability to deploy new features 90% faster. 

“From the CEO to the shopfloor and road warrior, the need for everyone in an organization to feel connected and get their work done easily has never been more important,” said Richard Jefts, General Manager and Vice President of Development. “Our customers use Connections as their digital workplace to bring all of their employees and their communities together to solve business problems, share their expertise, and contribute to their company’s culture.”

More information on HCL’s latest updates is available here