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HCL Software announces rebrand of DevOps portfolio

HCL Software has announced it has renamed its DevOps portfolio to better align products with their core functionality. The company hopes that with this rebrand, it will be easier for customers to navigate the portfolio and get to the right product. The company recently hosted a webinar to announce the changes, where Chris Haggan, head … continue reading

Simplify security testing from end-to-end

As companies across the globe race to fortify their cybersecurity defenses, they’re increasingly finding themselves navigating a complex maze when it comes to security testing. The past decade of innovation has produced an ecosystem now booming with countless tools, yet aligning these tools together, and avoiding tool sprawl, is proving to have its own set of … continue reading

How HCL Software helps companies evolve their DevOps practices

We asked Nabeel Jaitapker, director of product marketing at HCL Software, how the company’s solutions help others evolve their DevOps practices. This is what he had to say:  In a modern secure DevOps culture, teams seamlessly collaborate to increase delivery and productivity.   The top organizations continuously seek new areas of efficiency, and they know that … continue reading

HCL announces cloud-native platform for building solutions

HCL Software has made its DevOps product portfolio cloud-ready, and has introduced HCL SoFy, a cloud-native platform for creating tool solutions, and HCL Now, a cloud-native-as-a-service offering. The work is the result of a major investment HCL made across its entire product portfolio to modernize its solutions for the cloud, according to Alex Mulholland, chief … continue reading

HCL Software addresses changing business needs at Digital Week

HCL Software is working to improve developer productivity and tackle changing business needs. The company made a number of announcements and updates at its inaugural Digital Week user conference. The HCL Digital Experience (DX) solution has been updated to address cloud-native deployments. Features include a new digital asset manager, developer toolkits, and cloud-native capabilities for … continue reading

Results from HCL Software's VSM survey

Survey: Early VSM adopters reaping benefits

In the software development industry, value stream management (VSM) is a relatively new concept. While it’s been used in physical manufacturing for decades, it’s application within software development poses unique challenges, in that the product is always changing and — in a more esoteric sense — software development is not linear. So it’s not surprising … continue reading

Security – Just Another Aspect of Quality

Programmers err as much as any of us — between 15 and 50 errors per 1,000 lines of code to be more exact. QA tests for these bugs, attempting to ensure that releases are as bug-free as possible. Customers who trust their operations to software won’t tolerate poorly written code, and teams go out of … continue reading Protection Status