New Relic wants to provide users with more than just dashboard analytics for their applications. The company announced a new observability platform at its FutureStack conference today in New York City.

New Relic One is designed to connect user experience and business data with capabilities like New Relic Logs, Traces, Metrics and AI. The platform “is open, enabling customers to bring in agent-based and open telemetry data so they have no blind spots; connected, allowing customers to see relationships between their systems so they can act more quickly and effectively; and programmable, empowering customers to build entirely new applications on top of New Relic to fuel their business. It’s not a platform unless you can build apps on it,” according to Lew Cirne, CEO and founder of New Relic.

The logs capabilities brings log data in one place so users can easily track performance issues and infrastructure metrics without having to switch between tools. The traces API collects open-source trace data for visualization, anomaly detection, and alerts on trace behavior. The new metrics API collects, queries and visualizes metric data.

“New Relic collects metric and trace data from open source, vendor agnostic tools,then displays that data alongside other systems and services. Reduce the operational burden of systems dedicated to storing, querying, and viewing all that data and empower your DevOps team to focus on what they’ve instrumented, rather than the management of that instrumentation,” the company wrote on its website.

The release also features Serverless for AWS Lambda, enabling users to monitor, visualize, troubleshoot and monitor alerts for AWS Lambda functions.

Other features include React Native agent support in the company’s mobile solution, and a new AIOps solution for proactively detecting and resolving incidents faster.

In addition, the platform features freely available apps such as Cloud Optimize, GitHub Integration, Site Analyzer, Status Page and Customer Journeys.

“When we started on this journey of programmability, our CEO and founder, Lew Cirne, challenged us to radically shift the way we deliver solutions to customers on our platform. The ability to create more perfect software doesn’t come from a “bag of metrics”—it comes from entity-centric context creation, rapid innovation, and the delivery of amazing customer experiences. To do that, we’ve given our customers the first observability platform that they can build on,” wrote Mark Weitzel, senior director of product management for the platform and ecosystem group at New Relic.