The Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation announced an intent to bring their Node.js and JavaScript communities together to serve a broader range of users. More information will be announced during a Q&A session next week at Node+JS Interactive in Vancouver.

“After having two separate Foundations for two years, we believe there needs to be a tighter integration between both Foundations to enable greater support for Node.js and a broader range of JavaScript projects. We look forward to continuing to support the healthy growth of the JavaScript ecosystem and look forward to the potential of supporting an even wider range of projects that the JavaScript ecosystem is dependent on as well as projects that focus on new areas of growth for JavaScript,” the Node.js and JS Foundations’ Board of Directors wrote in a post.

The goals of this intended merger will aim to provide:

  • Improved operational excellence
  • Streamlined member engagement
  • Increase collaboration across the JavaScript ecosystem and standard bodies
  • An umbrella project structure for JavaScript projects
  • And a single home for the JavaScript ecosystem

“Today, JavaScript is nearly ubiquitous. Enterprises have been able to greatly reduce training costs and increase developer productivity because frontend JS developers can work on the server side, and vice-versa, eliminating the context switches and enabling all developers to pull from the same knowledge base and vast module ecosystem,” the foundations’ wrote in the merge announcement. “Node.js is a major catalyst for this growth. It has become an important part of the modern web development stack and is often the assumed default when working with JavaScript. Merging the Foundations will bring the governance of these technologies in line with its real-world use.”