Open source JavaScript developer tools provider npm, Inc. has announced a new solution that will enable enterprises and large organizations to work with its software registry. Npm Enterprise is a managed deployment of the npm registry designed with enterprise-grade security, compliance and access control, the company explained.

“Approximately 100% of the world’s enterprises acquire over 97% of their JavaScript from the npm Public Registry, making the introduction of npm Enterprise essential for professionalization of JavaScript development,” said Bryan Bogensberger, CEO of npm, Inc. “With npm Enterprise, we are giving JavaScript developers the npm tools they love while providing the enterprise with enhanced visibility, security and control. The result: happiness throughout organizations everywhere.”

According to the company, enterprise developers used to only be able to share code via email or an artifact store, which limited their ability to reuse and scale.

Npm Enterprise will feature a cloud-deployed registry to enable the publication and sharing of public packages. Companies will also get their own website for developer access control and other permissions. In addition, developers will have a choice to publish private packages or open-source packages for anyone to access.

Other features include:

  • Dedicated single-tenant hosting in a Kubernetes cluster
  • Support for industry-standard SSO authentication
  • Role-based access control for managing access and publication of modules
  • Sharing of private packages between and across teams
  • Customizable workflows for code collaboration and seamless CI/CD system integration
  • Notification of known vulnerabilities through “npm audit”