The German software developer SoftMaker today released the 2019 version of its PDF editor, FlexiPDF. The program allows users to edit PDF files as easily as with a classic word processor: FlexiPDF masters the processing of text, graphics and drawings, as well as the export of PDF files to various target formats. Numerous new features and a redesigned user interface complete the 2019 version.

In brief:

  • FlexiPDF 2019 for Windows is available now
  • Edit PDFs as with a word processor: change text and formatting across paragraphs and pages, insert images and drawings, work with whole pages, etc.
  • Users can create PDFs from any Windows program.
  • Export PDFs to TextMaker, Microsoft Word, HTML, RTF and the e-book format ePUB
  • FlexiPDF Professional offers scanning and optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Numerous new features added: creation of interactive forms, side-by-side comparison, snapshots and many more
  • Available as either a purchase or a subscription

At the end of 2016, SoftMaker debuted with the powerful PDF editor FlexiPDF 2017.

The successor, FlexiPDF 2019, was released today. Like the previous version, it distinguishes itself by making the editing of PDF documents as easy as working with a word processor. Users can edit, add, delete and format text across paragraphs, columns and pages. Inserting and editing drawings, comments and graphics is just as simple.

The new version comes with many improvements. It offers sophisticated solutions to daily tasks that arise with PDFs, such as working with forms. FlexiPDF 2019 gives users the ability to not only fill out forms, but also create new ones, with interactive check boxes, selection lists, input fields and other form objects.

With the new “side-by-side” feature, two PDF files can be compared at lightning speed, and with Bates numbering, users can produce a stack of PDF files at the touch of a button, individually numbered in a freely selectable format.

The graphics capabilities of FlexiPDF have also been enhanced with some useful features. The new snapshot tool makes it possible to quickly capture areas of PDF pages and save them as graphic files. If users want to edit an image in a PDF file, they no longer have to export it, edit it in a separate program, then reimport and reposition it. Now they can open an image editor directly from FlexiPDF with the click of a mouse. FlexiPDF automatically takes care of reimporting.

Completely redesigned user interface

It’s not just new features that make FlexiPDF desirable; the user interface has also been completely redesigned. All icons on the toolbars have been restyled based on SoftMaker’s second major product, SoftMaker Office 2018. As with the Office suite, FlexiPDF 2019 also offers a touchscreen mode with large icons for touchscreens and high-resolution displays.

Available as purchase or subscription

FlexiPDF 2019 is available in stores or directly from SoftMaker. In order to be able to offer each customer the right licensing model, SoftMaker provides the new version of the PDF editor as either a purchase or a subscription.

The purchase versions of FlexiPDF Professional 2019 and FlexiPDF Standard 2019 are available for €/US$ 79.95 and €/US$ 59.95 respectively. An annual subscription costs €/US$ 39.90 for FlexiPDF NX Universal or €/US$ 29.90 for FlexiPDF NX Home. Existing customers can upgrade for a nominal fee.

A free trial version of the software can be downloaded from the SoftMaker website.