The development tools company Perforce Software has announced it completed its acquisition of Delphix, which is a provider of enterprise data management software.

By bringing Delphix’ technology into Perforce’s portfolio, Perforce hopes to provide its customers with more data automation and compliance capabilities.

“Data is at the heart of how enterprises operate today and essential for successful software development, but accessing and managing that data is extremely challenging,” Jim Cassens, CEO of Perforce, wrote in a blog post announcing the acquisition last month. “Many teams do not have rapid access to solid, high-quality test data. Imagine something the size of a relational database, with all the data to collect and piece together to make it testable — this is both labor-intensive and very difficult to achieve. All that changes with Delphix.”

The company believes this move will enable it to solve complex DevOps scaling challenges and deliver a competitive advantage to its customers. 

Additionally, the company says this move is beneficial to customers of both companies, as there is a lot of overlap between their customer bases. For instance, Perforce is used by 75% of Fortune 100 companies and Delphix by 30% of Fortune 100 companies. 

“The acquisition of Delphix is a reflection of what our customers tell us they need and how we respond,” said Cassens. “I cannot think of another solution better aligned with what we are trying to achieve: helping our customers innovate at speed and automate their developer environments. We aim to solve DevOps’ biggest challenges without stifling innovation, and Delphix is an excellent example of how we can do that.”