CircleCI today released the findings of its 2022 State of Software Delivery Report, revealing the four critical benchmarks that the majority of successful engineers meet. 

These include: 

  1. Workflow durations are between 5-10 minutes on average 
  2. Recovery from any failed run is fixed or reverted in under an hour
  3. Success rates are above 90% for the default branch of the application
  4. They deploy as often as their business requires and at least 1+ times per day

Additionally, the report found that holiday season downtime brings increased risk to a business. According to the report, this can be combated by setting up a robust test suite to back up teams and enable innovation even when members are out of the office.

The report also showed that organizations that prioritized an optimal team structure had higher success levels. Meaning that making simple changes to day-to-day business practices in order to ensure that meetings don’t conflict with peak productivity hours can be highly beneficial to a business’ overall success.

It was also revealed that the size of a team is not nearly as important as the testing tools in place. Teams that prioritize test-driven development can rely on their tooling to perform well during market swings, seasonal fluctuations, and times of uncertainty, regardless of the size of the team itself. 

The report also showed that the three most elite open-source projects on CircleCI have pipelines between ten and eleven minutes. Achieving high performance and product maturity is made possible with code that is well tested in the cloud, meaning that pipelines will take longer to complete. 

“One of the most important ways to improve an organization’s application development efficiency is to systematically understand which behaviors are beneficial and which lead to inefficiencies,” said Stephen O’Grady, principal analyst, RedMonk. “By analyzing years of data across tens of thousands of organizations, CircleCI is doing just that.”

The full report can be found here. It examines two years of data from over a quarter billion different workflows and almost 50,000 organizations globally on the CircleCI platform.