For the first time in TIOBE Index history, Python is steadily approaching the top three programming languages. The top three TIOBE Index programming languages are Java, C, and C++.

“Programming language Python is getting very close to the top 3 of the TIOBE index. If Python surpasses C++ and becomes number 3, this will be an all time high for the scripting language of Guido van Rossum,” TIOBE wrote in a post.

According to TIOBE, over the last decade interest in Python has been growing. A 2005 study on the most popular programming language taught in US universities found Java to be the winner with 60 percent of the share of introductory programming courses. However, a recent 2014 study found Python was now the most taught language with 70 percent of the market share.

“This Python boost is also visible in the TIOBE index. But industry is adopting Python as well. The Python programming language started as a successor of Perl to write build scripts and all kind of glue software. But gradually it entered also other domains. Nowadays it is quite common to have Python running in large embedded systems. So it is very likely that Python will enter the top 3 and even might become the new number 1 in the long run,” TIOBE wrote.

Other key findings from the August 2018 TIOBE Index included Hack, Groovy and Julia are back in the top 50 and TypeScript interest is waning at position 62 now.