Databricks has announced its open-source machine learning platform MLflow has reached 1.0. MLflow was announced last year as a way to help data scientists track and share experiments and models. Since then, the project has grown to more than 100 contributors with its PyPl package download rate reaching about 600K a month, the company explained.

The 1.0 version marks the packages mature and stable APIs as well as includes a number of new features and improvements.

Features include:

  • support for x coordinates in the tracking API;
  • improved search features;
  • batched logging of metrics;
  • support for HDFS as an artifact store;
  • Windows support for the MLflow client;
  • building Docker images for deployment;
  • and an experimental ONNX model flavor.

Atlassian announces Status Embed
In order to provide more transparency into incident reports and communication, Atlassian is introducing Status Embed. This new feature will enable users to display the state of services where end users will see it such as on the homepage, app or help center.

“When an incident or maintenance event is posted to your page, that information will automatically update wherever you’ve chosen to embed the status. Status Embed surfaces your status page to customers, helping to both reduce support volume and build trust with every incident,” the company wrote in a post.

Nim 0.20 released
The Nim programming language announced a massive release this month with 1,000 commits and a release candidate for the upcoming version 1.0.

Nim is a statically typed compiled systems programming language. Version 0.20 features breaking changes required for 1.0. According to the team, this is a chance for the community to test and fix bugs for 1.0 is released.

A full list of new features is available here.

Visual Studio Code’s May release
Visual Studio Code version 1.35 is now available. Key highlights of the release include:

  • Updated VS Code icon
  • Go to definition improvements for faster navigation
  • Breadcrumb navigation displayed by default
  • Smart selection for JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Ability to extract to type alias TypeScript refactoring
  • Integrated terminal now supports true color
  • Improved merge conflict display
  • Ability to collapse all command for lists and explorers
  • Remote development now available as a preview  

Full details are available here.

Information Builders announces new capabilities for analytics and data management
BI and data management solutions provider Information Builders announced new advancements to its platform at its Summit User Conference this week. Announcements included:

  • WebFOCUS Designer for building and deploying interactive and responsive analytical dashboards
  • Support for deployments to containers and management
  • Real-time data streaming
  • New artificial intelligence capabilities such as the curation and deployment of machine learning and AI models.

“Over the past year, we have been laser-focused on making our data and analytics solutions easier to use and deploy. At Summit, we are showing customers and partners a first look at the results: more agile and predictable software releases, migrations, and upgrades; a solid product roadmap and vision that incorporates innovations such as AI and machine learning; and a cloud-first strategy,” said Frank Vella, CEO of Information Builders.