Akamai’s October 2020 release includes expanded microservice creation at the edge and the ability for developers to code dynamic content assembly at the edge. 

Also, EdgeWorkers resource consumption and performance reporting was added to the Akamai Control Center and the data is retrievable by API calls.

“EdgeWorkers not only provides the visibility developers need to understand the performance of the applications they create, but also enables them to manage their CDN as code,” Akamai wrote in a post.

LLVM 11.0 released
The new release includes changes to the LLVM IR with the added callsite attribute ‘vector-function-abi-variant’ to describe the mapping between scalar functions and vector functions. 

BG/Q support, including QPX, will be removed in the 12.0.0 release and the llgo frontend has been removed for now, but may be resurrected in the future, according to the working group. 

Also, the LLVM project has started to migrate towards Python 3. Additional details are available here.

Automation Anywhere AARI, a digital assistant at work
The Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) provides a bot-to-human interface that oversees various business processes including collaboration and customer service on-premise or in the cloud. 

“AARI represents a dramatic departure from any other automation technology available today by simplifying tasks, like reporting and staying on top of urgent requests, collaborating with colleagues, apps and bots, automating escalations and approvals to speed up requests, as well as increasing customer satisfaction with a faster call resolution,” Automation Anywhere wrote in it’s announcement

When combined with Automation Anywhere’s Discovery Bot – the company’s integrated process discovery solution with auto-creation of bots – AARI increases the ability for all users to participate in automation.

Apache weekly roundup 
Last week, the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Apache Calcite 1.26.0, which includes more than 70 resolved issues and new features. In addition, Apache Calcite CVE-2020-13955 disabled the HTTPS hostname verification vulnerability.

Apache Groovy, the optionally typed and dynamic language with static-typing and static compilation capabilities, released version 4.0.0-alpha-1.

Additional releases included Apache HttpComponents Client 4.5.13 GA and 5.0.3 GA, Apache Lucene 8.6.3 and Solr 8.6.3, Apache Commons Net 3.7, and more. The full list of new releases is available here.