Altova announced Version 2021 of the MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software with new features and improvements. This includes a new XBRL Taxonomy Manager that provides easy, centralized taxonomy installation and management across all XBRL-enabled products, data mapping for SWIFT messages, improvements for editing in JSON Grid View, attaching files to PDF during report generation, and much more.  

Altova MapForce now also supports mapping SWIFT data to or from any other MapForce-supported format, including databases, XML, JSON, other EDI formats, and more.

“As the scope of our customers’ needs shift and change we are always eager to adapt our offerings to continue to meet their needs and exceed their expectations,” said Alexander Falk, president and CEO for Altova. “For example, we’ve received very positive responses from our customers to the new JSON Grid View features added to XMLSpy and with this release have added even more advanced features. We’ve also introduced an XBRL Taxonomy Manager across the product line that makes it easier for customers to manage the ever-growing number of XBRL taxonomies and versions available in the industry.”

IBM Cloud Pak for Security updated
IB’s updated Cloud Pak for Security is designed to manage threats across tools teams and clouds.

The open platform leverages AI and automation to streamline threat management across hybrid cloud environments and disparate security tools. 

The new built-in data security hub allows security analysts to quickly gain context into where their sensitive data resides across hybrid cloud environments, as well as access to industry-leading threat intelligence, and dedicated services and support. 

.NET 5.0 RC 2 
.NET 5.0 is a near-final release of .NET 5.0 and the last two RCs before the official release in November.

.NET 5.0 includes many improvements such as notably single file applications, smaller container images, more capable JsonSerializer APIs, a complete set of nullable reference type annotations, new target framework names, and support for Windows ARM64.

Users need the latest preview version of Visual Studio to use .Net 5.0. Additional details are available here.

Exadel QA Automation Practice helps build ultra-modern digital products
Exadel automation practice employs the latest QA automation solutions and technologies through a range of services, frameworks, and professional support. 

In the Gherkin-based component testing framework for end-to-end automation, manual QAs use Gherkin-based predefined steps and can send requests for additional keywords (step definition) to verify functionality without coding, and it offers a web-based component testing framework for end-to-end testing. 

“With the Exadel QA Automation Practice, customers can offload their most challenging QA problems onto us. QA Automation is not just an add-on—when done correctly it’s an integral part of the development process from ideation to delivery,” said Lev Shur, president of Exadel Solutions. 

Plasma 5.2 contains improvements to dozens of components, widgets, and desktop behavior 
Everyday utilities and tools, such as the Panels, Task Manager, Notifications and System Settings, have all been overhauled to make them more usable, efficient, and friendlier, according to the company. 

When several windows with the same application are opened, the task manager will now group them together. 

Clicking on grouped windows will cycle through them, bringing each to the forefront until the proper document is reached.

Additional details on the new release are available here.