The cloud native developer company Ambassador Labs today announced the newest release of Ambassador Cloud, bringing users features such as “ClickOps” capabilities. This makes it easier for developers to code, test, ship, and run applications for Kubernetes. Visit here to get started using Ambassador Cloud for free. 

This release brings developers the ability to code and test service with Telepresence, deploy canary releases with Argo, and run production apps with Emissary-ingress. It is available now and free to use for one Kubernetes namespace, and additional namespaces can be achieved for $5 a month. 

“We built Ambassador Cloud to help developers do what they want to do most, which is write great code,” said Richard Li, founder and CEO at Ambassador Labs. “The power of Kubernetes and the tools ecosystem to manage it adds a lot of complexity to the development process. Ambassador Cloud directly addresses the learning curve for developers to master this complexity with ease, allowing them to use their existing tools to simplify how they code, test, ship, and run their Kubernetes workflows from a single pane of glass and with just a few clicks.

Harness announces enterprise Harness GitOps

Harness GitOps enables enterprise continuous delivery workflows for application and infrastructure deployments. With this, teams gain a declarative solution built with enterprise security, governance, and scale. 

Any developer currently working with GitOps workflows can now use important software delivery tools such as continuous integration, feature flags, cost control, deployment verification, drift detection, application sync, and cluster reconciliation. Additionally, this release allows for enterprise features including Open Policy Agent-based governance in order to meet security requirements. 

Ahana unveils new security capabilities 

These new security features have been added to the Ahana Cloud for Presto managed service and include multi-user support for Presto and Ahana, fine grained access control for data lakes with deep Apache Ranger integration, and audit support for all access. These new capabilities come in addition to the one-click integration with AWS Lake Formation.

Notable new features include: 

  • Multi-user support for Presto: Data platform admins can manage users without complex authentication files as well as add and remove users for their Presto clusters 
  • Apache Ranger support: The open-source plugin allows users to enable authorization in Ahana-managed Presto with Apache Ranger for the Hive Metastore or Glue Catalog queries 
  • Audit support: Customers can enable centralized auditing of user access to Ahana-managed Presto clusters for comprehensive visibility
AdaCore launches GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite

Provider of software development and verification tools AdaCore recently launched a bundle of analysis, testing, verification, and code coverage technologies, GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite. This is intended to help Ada developers build safe and secure software as well as meet security and quality procedures.

Benefits of this release include the GNATtest automated test- harness generator for Ada; the GNATcoverage tool for analyzing and reporting Ada and C program coverage; sound analysis, test, and verification evidence; and early access to emerging cybersecurity technologies. 

“From decades of experience helping customers build critical software systems, we know that the most successful workflows incorporate multiple approaches to testing,” said Arnaud Charlet, lead of product engineering at AdaCore. “Our new GNAT Dynamic Analysis Suite does just that, integrating in one package our code coverage and unit testing tools, as well as emerging technologies, like fuzz testing, which is on the near-term roadmap.”

Radware extends its cloud application security 

With this extension, Radware has added fully automated API discovery capabilities. This, combined with newly automated security policy optimization, come as a part of the integrated   ApplicationProtectionasaService solution, which features cloud-based web application firewall, bot management, API security, and DDoS protection. 

“Many organizations are facing a knowledge gap on how to protect their APIs or incorrectly assume an API gateway can provide comprehensive protection. Frequent application changes and faster release cycles are only making this difficult situation worse,” said Gabi Malka, Radware’s chief operations officer and head of products and services. “With our frictionless technology, we take human intervention and error out of the security equation. By automatically discovering undocumented APIs and applying a tailored security policy, we can accurately and effectively protect those APIs and keep them up to date.”