Developers can now use the Biometric API as part of the AndroidX Biometric Library with the launch of Android 10.

The framework is now providing a friendly, standardized API for OEMs to integrate support for all types of biometric sensors on their devices. 

“In addition to supporting multiple biometric authentication form factors, the API has made it much easier for developers to check whether a given device has biometric sensors. And if there are no biometric sensors present, the API allows developers to specify whether they want to use device credentials in their apps,” Android wrote in a post.

Threat Stack now supports Python
Cloud security provider Threat Stack announced Python support for its application security monitoring. 

After an application is put into production, Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring identifies and blocks attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection in real time, the company explained. The solution then puts the application in context with the rest of the tracks. 

“When combining Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring with the rest of the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform, customers can achieve full stack security observability with contextual insights pulled from the cloud management console, host, containers, orchestration, and applications presented in a single, unified platform,” Threat Stack wrote in a post.

Trello announces new features
Trello announced new features for its project organization and process automation platforms, as it hit 50 million registered users. 

The new features include board templates for business class and enterprise users, community template galleries, automation with Butler core to every single Trello board to eliminate tedious tasks, as well as new AI capabilities. 

“We’re leaning into the vision of keeping Trello straightforward and intuitive. That means taking a holistic view as we continue to build Trello, and putting what your team needs to be successful everyday at the forefront of how we innovate,” Trello wrote in a post.

dotData announces $24 million funding
DotData, a company that delivers full-cycle data science automation and operationalization for the enterprise, announced $23 million in Series A funding, bringing its total to $43 million. 

dotData will use the funds to further accelerate the company’s rapid growth by expanding sales and marketing efforts, and enhancing product development innovation of its full-cycle data science automation platform, according to a post.