Apache Kafka 2.7.0 is now available with new features and enhancements. Kafka is a stream-processing software platform.

The release makes progress towards  replacing ZooKeeper with KIP-497. According to the team, this will add a new inter-broker API for altering ISR. Other features include the addition of the Core Raft implementation and seven KIPs in active development in order to address partitions per cluster, operations and security.

The full release notes are available here.

First public release of Bash-5.1
Bash is a GNU project bourne again shell that features interactive command line editing, job control, support for csh-like features, and history substitution.

The release also includes several outstanding bug fixes. In a post, the team explained the biggest change is “a return to the bash-4.4 behavior of not performing pathname expansion on a word that contains backslashes but does not contain any unquoted globbing special characters.”

System.Text.Json updates
With the release of .NET 5.0, System.Text.Json as updated with improved performance, reliability and easier adoptability. System.Text.Json is a built-in JSON serialization library in .NET.

Other new features delivered with .NET to the library includes an added mechanism to preserve object references when (de)serializing, extension methods for HttpClient and HttpContent, and support for deserializing quoted numbers and objects using parameterized constructors.

Full details on recent changes and what’s to come are available here.

Appfire acquires Artemis Software
Artemis Software is an Atlassian app vendor that focuses on productivity and collaborative work environments.

According to Appfire, this will help it expand its cloud product offers and expertise.

“Appfire’s success has always been based on anticipating the needs of our customers and providing them the solutions they need to get the most value out of Atlassian’s products,” said Randall Ward, co-founder and CEO, Appfire. “The Artemis acquisition brings in top talent that will rapidly deliver on our cloud strategy and produce several new product offerings next year. I am excited to welcome Brendan Patterson, Bob Bergman, and their wonderful team to Appfire.”