Broadcom wants to expand continuous testing throughout the enterprise with the launch of the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform.

The platform includes GUI functional tests, API testing and monitoring, performance testing, ability to create mock services and the ability to create and manage test assets. In addition, it includes support for more than 20 open-source tools such as JMeter, Selenium and WireMock.

“BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform helps organizations Shift-Left and evolve the CoE with a single application that empowers teams to work the way they want to work, and

collaborate for greater efficiency and quality,” said Ashok Reddy, senior vice president

and general manager of Broadcom’s enterprise software division.

Crystal language 0.30 released
Crystal language 0.30 now available with language changes, compiler features and std-lib improvements. The programming language is designed to be “fast as C, slick as Ruby.”

The language now checks that the return type of an abstract method is obeyed, meaning that users need to annotate the return type explicitly if the abstract method is also annotated while implementing a type. 

The language also offers LLVM 8 support. In addition, there are a couple of bug-fixes related to top-level private const scope, annotation lookup on generic types and other corner cases.

The detailed list of updates is available here

Automation Anywhere acquires Klevops
Robotic process automation (RPA) provider Automation Anywhere acquired Klevops to further “the RPA category to Attended Automation 2.0,” the company said in a post. 

With the acquisition, “attended automation” — similar to a virtual assistant providing return on investment for customers — will now allow several employees to orchestrate attended automation tasks across multiple groups of employees and multiple bots.

“The acquired technology from Klevops will alter the dynamics between attended and unattended automation making it a foundational solution for companies scaling their automation initiatives across all industries. This is especially relevant to contact center-intensive industries like banking, financial services and telecommunications,” said Prince Kohli, CTO of Automation Anywhere. 

Oracle announces GA of Oracle Functions and Events
Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Functions and Events on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which provides a fully managed serverless platform for Oracle Cloud users. 

Oracle Functions is a managed FaaS service while Events enables users to subscribe to changes and respond to them using Functions. 

“Oracle Functions and Events work together to enable developers to compose applications from one or more serverless functions, which in turn are triggered by a range of cloud events, such as storage uploads, database updates, log triggers, and task completions. Every aspect of deploying and invoking the functions is handled by the platform, and invocation scales up and down based on demand. As organizations integrate a variety of their key business SaaS applications, functions can ‘glue’ together various SaaS or PaaS apps to create a more holistic and consistent business process,” Bob Quilin, vice president of developer relations at Oracle, wrote in a post.