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SD Times news digest: Vertex Pipelines general availability; AudioEye issue reporting; Crystal 1.2.2; Habu Series B

Google announced the general availability of Vertex Pipelines, which is a machine learning (ML) pipeline. Vertex Pipelines supports Kubeflow Pipelines (KFP) and TensorFlow Extended (TFX), two widely used open-source libraries, meaning users can define their pipeline using one of these libraries and run it on Vertex Pipelines. In addition, Vertex Pipelines operates entirely server free. … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Android Basics in Kotlin course; SharePoint Framework 1.13 release candidate; Crystal 1.2

The Android development team announced the release of the final unit of Android Basics in Kotlin, a free programming course initially announced in 2020. Today, over 100,000 beginners have completed their first milestone in the course. Android Basics in Kotlin offers people with no programming experience the education needed to build sample Android apps. With … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Dremio launches SQL Lakehouse Service, Fastly launched JavaScript in Compute@Edge, Crystal 1.1 released

The SQL lakehouse company Dremio announced its cloud-native SQL-based data lakehouse service, Dremio Cloud.  The new service enables organizations to leverage no-copy open data architecture that eliminates the need to copy data into expensive and proprietary warehouses. It enables high-performance SQL workloads directly on cloud storage. “We built Dremio to automatically handle any scale with … continue reading

Crystal programming language reaches 1.0

The Crystal programming language has reached its 1.0 release, meaning that it has achieved language stability, a plan for maintenance releases and some features that haven’t received full support as of this release. Crystal is a language that has syntax similar to Ruby, is statically type-checked without the need for specifying the type of variables … continue reading

SD Times news digest: SnapLogic announces August 2019 release, Crystal 0.30.1, and CodeStream is now available on premise

SnapLogic announced the latest release of its Intelligent Integration Platform, adding new AI capabilities that recommend completed pipelines from within an organization or from the SnapLogic Patterns Catalog.  The August 2019 release also includes enhanced search capabilities through the Iris AI that now directs users to project spaces containing the pipelines that are most relevant … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Broadcom BlazeMeter Continuous Testing platform, Crystal language 0.30, and Oracle Functions and Events

Broadcom wants to expand continuous testing throughout the enterprise with the launch of the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform. The platform includes GUI functional tests, API testing and monitoring, performance testing, ability to create mock services and the ability to create and manage test assets. In addition, it includes support for more than 20 open-source tools … continue reading Protection Status