The SQL lakehouse company Dremio announced its cloud-native SQL-based data lakehouse service, Dremio Cloud. 

The new service enables organizations to leverage no-copy open data architecture that eliminates the need to copy data into expensive and proprietary warehouses. It enables high-performance SQL workloads directly on cloud storage.

“We built Dremio to automatically handle any scale with consistent query performance so companies could achieve data democratization while only paying for what they truly need,” said Tomer Shiran, Dremio’s founder and chief product officer. “This type of cost-effective and highly performant scaling was a central design tenet of Dremio. We wanted to be sure data teams could achieve superior price-performance and trust the cost transparency of our platform.”

Fastly launched JavaScript in Compute@Edge 

Fastly announced the availability of JavaScript in Compute@Edge, which allows developers to build more flexibility in Fastly’s serverless environment. 

“Since we released Compute@Edge, JavaScript has been the most requested language to add, so it was top of our priority list once WebAssembly supported it. Today, we’re thrilled to open up a serverless, zero-cold start JavaScript offering with a reduced attack surface, compared to similar offerings on the market,” said Tyler McMullen, the CTO at Fastly. “With serverless computing on the rise, we hope this motivates continued adoption of a powerful technology for businesses as they build modern digital experiences.”

Since Fastly built Compute@Edge using WebAssembly, the technology allows Compute@Edge to scale with fast startup times so that developers don’t have to worry about cold start times. 

Additional details are available here

Crystal 1.1 released

As part of the new release of Crystal, a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language, splats can now be embedded in enumerable literals and in type definitions.

Also, it’s now possible to access the top-level module with the special instance variable, and ‘NumberLiteral’ now includes a ‘to_number’ method to obtain the pure number, without any stringification.

Other changes include better error messages and documentation, several methods were annotated with expected types. The full list of language changes is available here

Salesforce completes Slack acquisition 

Together, Salesforce and Slack will deliver the Slack-first Customer 360 that gives companies a single source of truth for their business, and a single platform for connecting employees, customers, and partners with each other and the apps they use every day, according to Salesforce. 

“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink and reshape how and where we work,” said Stewart Butterfield, Slack CEO and co-founder. “Salesforce and Slack are uniquely positioned to lead this historic shift to a digital-first world. I could not be more excited for what’s to come.”