CogitAI has announced that its Continua software-as-a-service AI platform is now available. According to the company, the Continua platform can turn any “process, system, software bot, or real robot into a self-learning autonomous service to drive actionable business outcomes.”

Potential use cases for the SaaS platform include vehicles, video games, building management, Robotic Process Automation and Business Process Management, customer-service bots, web marketing, AI coaches personalizing wellness and fitness, AI software testing bots, and on-board calibration and real-time energy management for semiconductors.

“The biggest opportunities for AI to expand into practical business applications cannot happen until AI systems can learn on their own,” said Mark Ring, CEO of CogitAI. “As successful as AI has been so far, its applicability will accelerate dramatically when it no longer depends on data provided by humans. CogitAI’s continual learning approach is a watershed moment in the industry, providing a general-purpose solution that can learn from its own decisions, actions, and experience.”

Electric Cloud announces ElectricFlow Winter 2019 Release
Electric Cloud has launched its Winter Release of ElectricFlow. The Winter Release introduces persona-based UI enhancements, new pipeline and release automation options, and new service catalog updates for streamlining workflows.

“By making our shared DevOps and Continuous Delivery solution approachable for anyone, we’re connecting human capital to technology and process so that everyone can participate equally in an organization’s IT transformation effort,” said Carmine Napolitano, CEO of Electric Cloud.

ShiftLeft raises $20 million in Series B funding
Cloud security company ShiftLeft has raised $20 million in Series B funding, bringing its total funding up to almost $30 million. ShiftLeft will use this money to accelerate adoption of its solutions by expanding its product portfolio, application coverage, and global sales and marketing initiatives.

This investment round was led by Thomvest Ventures, with participation from SineWave Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, and Mayfield.

“Our founding vision is that application security needs to be a seamless part of the development process, not an afterthought,” said Manish Gupta, CEO and co-founder of ShiftLeft. “The problem has long been inaccurate tools and a heavily manual process, leaving security and development teams frustrated and applications vulnerable. ShiftLeft completely upends this paradigm, delivering automated and customized protection for every software release, and the analytics dev teams need to improve on the overall security posture.”

Tenable launches security vulnerability prioritization tool
Security company Tenable has announced Predictive Prioritization, a solution that enables businesses to better prioritize their security efforts. According to the company, organizations will be able to use the solution to focus on the three percent of vulnerabilities that have the greatest likelihood of being exploited.

“Predictive Prioritization is a massive innovation in vulnerability management. It will change the way companies run their vulnerability management programs by giving them a new level of insight on where to focus based on threats to the business,” said Renaud Deraison, co-founder and CTO of Tenable.