Couchbase is introducing Couchbase Cloud, a fully managed DBaaS that combines a NoSQL database with multicloud management capabilities 

According to the company, it enables companies to host their data within their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPS) and pay for only what they use. 

“Working closely with our enterprise customers over the past two years, we’ve designed a fully-managed Database-as-a-Service offering that meets their most stringent requirements, leveraging the latest generation of open source technologies while retaining all the value of self-managed Couchbase Server, to deliver a uniquely powerful and differentiated offering to the market,” said Scott Anderson, the SVP of product management & business operations at Couchbase.

DeepCode releases plugin for Atom
DeepCode announced a plugin for Atom that enables developers on Atom to use the AI-powered source code analysis of DeepCode remotely and get the suggestions displayed directly in the editor.

This allows developers to improve and correct source code before it is even tested. DeepCode provides analysis for Java, Python, Javascript, and Typescript. More languages are to come, according to the developers behind DeepCode. 

DeepCode provides additional plugins for BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab, and Visual Studio Code.

The full details on the new plugin are available here.

Android in phase 2 of DX deprecation
Android is now entering the second of three phases to deprecate DX, following the company’s 2017 release of D8, a new faster dexing compiler to replace DX, producing smaller APKs. 

The Android team said that on Feb 1st, 2021, the process will move to step 3, removing DX fully from Android Studio and any other build environments.

GitHub updates its archive program
GitHub started work on the Arctic Code Vault that aims to preserve open source software for future generations by storing code in an archive built to last a thousand years. 

At an Advisory Summit held in January, an advisory of experts from different industries identified three goals to spearhead the project: visualization within the archive content itself, metadata that include description, language, commit logs, associated wiki, etc. and creating smaller “fractional” deposits of the archive. 

GitHub said the project will take about two months to complete and it will share more details at Satellite in May 2020. 

Instana launches mobile end-user monitoring beta program

In the new monitoring Beta program, users can submit requests to come Beta testers.

“Mobile App providers focus on the mobile experience, including the nuances of performance at the point of access,” said Chris Farrell, Instana Technical Director and APM Strategist. “Extending Instana’s End User Monitoring to include Mobile Apps helps application owners optimize every aspect of their application performance.”

Instana’s End User Monitoring is included with the company’s APM solutions for no additional charge.