DigitalOcean is expanding on its managed database solutions with new releases for MySQL and Redis. Managed databases are a critical component of application development and provides terabytes of storage, ability to process thousands of I/O operations, and enables data access with minimum latency, the company explained. 

The new releases allows developers to now use MySQL and Redis clusters without having to worry about configuring, managing, scaling, updating, and securing their databases, according to the company. 

DigitalOcean explained the benefits of managed databases include easy setup and maintenance, high scalability, daily backups with point-in-time recovery, automated failover, and end-to-end security.

“We’re proud to extend the simplicity that DigitalOcean is known for to Managed Databases. Developers of all skill levels, even those with no prior experience in databases, can spin up database clusters with just a few clicks. Select the database engine, storage, vCPU, memory, and standby nodes and we take care of the rest,” the company wrote in a post.

Waymo announces self-driving data now available
Waymo is sharing its self-driving dataset with researchers to help them build autonomous solutions. 

The dataset its based on Waymo’s self-driving vehicles and includes data from diverse driving environments, 1,000 driving segments, five high-resolution lidars, front-and-side facing camera, and camera-lidar synchronization. 

“When it comes to research in machine learning, having access to data can turn an idea into a real innovation. This data has the potential to help researchers make advances in 2D and 3D perception, and progress on areas such as domain adaptation, scene understanding and behavior prediction,” Waymo wrote in a blog post. 

GitHub Enterprise Server 2.18 announced
GitHub announced the release of Enterprise Server 2.18, which includes updates to project management tools, security features and the developer experience. 

New repository templates give admins the ability to mark a repository have write access to as a “template repository.” Other new features for simplified project management include issue transfer, assignable commenters and milestones on project cards. 

Enhanced security features include dependency graph support for yarn.lock files, access to audit log data, auto-watch improvements and gist notifications. 

The detailed list of updates is available here. announces new round of funding raised $72.5 million in Series D funding, bringing the total to $147 million. The company said it aims to democratize AI and help transform every company into an AI company. 

“ is democratizing AI and powering the imagination of every entrepreneur and business globally – we are making them the true AI superpowers,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and Founder at “Our customers are unlocking discovery in every sphere and walk of life and challenging the dominance of technology giants. This will be fun.” provides the H20 Driverless AI automatic machine learning platform. The company also stated that will continue to innovate to support AI4Good with a focus on wildlife and water conservation and its academic program, which makes the portfolio freely available to students, researchers and universities.