DtSearch, the tool that instantly searches for terabytes of online and offline data across folders, emails, and other online databases, today released a new version of its product line, 2101.02. The product line covers both enterprise and developer applications. 

This new version brings users several features, including 

  • Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, and .NET 6 added as support platform/environments
  • Apple silicon M1/ARM developer build for the dtSearch Engine for macOS
  • Multithreaded 64-bit indexer preview feature for much faster indexing on multicore Windows and Linux systems
  • Search dialog box improvements for handling large numbers of indexes
  • Support for the new 64-bit versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader for end-user PDF display with highlighted hits 
  • Addition of Korean Hancom Office HWPX to dtSearch  document filters 
GrammaTech updates CodeSentry platform

GrammaTech, a provider of application security testing products and software research services, today launched a new version of its CodeSentry software supply chain security platform. 

CodeSentry enables organizations to detect and address risks in commercial off the shelf applications and third party software as well as empowers development teams to assure they are delivering secure and compliant software. 

Additionally, with the integration of VulnDB from Risk Based Security, a Flashpoint company, CodeSentry version 3.0 provides enhanced intelligence, visibility, and remediation information for vulnerabilities present in open source components as well as license information that it detects by automating binary scanning. 

Agnostiq announces partnership with Mila

Agnostiq, Inc., the quantum computing SaaS startup, today unveiled that it will be entering into a strategic partnership with the machine learning research institute, Mila. This combination is intended to bridge the gap between the quantum computing and machine learning communities.

The partnership grants Mila access to Agnostiq’s quantum researchers as well as Agnostic gaining access to Mila’s AI/ML researchers and partner network. Additionally, this partnership will work for Agnostiq as it supports the company’s talent attraction and retention efforts.

“Agnostiq offers an exciting opportunity to explore ML challenges specific to quantum computing, as our strategic alliance with this promising startup will allow us to combine our expertise,” says Stéphane Létourneau, executive VP of Mila. “Mila’s research community works daily toward improving the democratization of machine learning, developing new algorithms, and advancing deep learning capabilities. We are thrilled to work closely with Agnostiq to continue these important missions.”

The Qt Company launches digital advertising solution

The Qt Company, a provider of software technology, today announced the launch of Qt Digital Advertising in order to assist Qt users in monetizing their UI/UX screens built with Qt. The new solution was designed to focus on monetization, productivity, and disruption and is intended to enhance revenue generation opportunities for mobile, desktop, and embedded applications and devices. 

“We have worked hard to deliver more opportunities for our users to generate revenue directly through the Qt development framework,” said Petteri Holländer, senior VP of Ventures at The Qt Company. “With the launch of Qt Digital Advertising, users can design, develop, test, deploy and now monetize everywhere, turning their product into revenue machines instantly. Qt users can now start monetizing products within less than an hour, avoiding the need to overcome the challenges of integrating incompatible monetization tools and vastly enhancing their potential to generate revenue in mobile and embedded devices.”