Eggplant’s latest version of its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) platform includes new capabilities that democratize intelligent test automation as well as a new user interface. 

The new user interface brings together asset creation and editing, test definition, reporting, and advanced analysis into a unified experience, according to the company. 

Other new additions to the platform include:

  • the ability to test real user journey 
  • a rapid guided test case triage that highlights problematic areas
  • and intelligent test scheduling that combines automated exploratory testing and fixed regression packs

Syncfusion Essential Studio 2019 Volume 4 
The new release finalizes Syncfusion’s Blazor components and adds popular features such as a Chat control for Xamarin, significant new controls for Flutter, and more.

“We decided to bulk up our current controls with more functionality, and we also presented new features like our Xamarin Chat control,” said Daniel Jebaraj, CEO of Syncfusion. “Chatbots are increasing in popularity among our clients, so we’re excited to give developers a chat UI to help them meet that demand faster.”

It also includes significant updates to the Blazor Components library, Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms and Flutter. 

Pepperdata introduces Query Spotlight
Pepperdata announced the availability of Query Spotlight, which is designed to make it easy for operators and developers to understand detailed performance characteristics of their query workloads together with industry-wide issues. 

Query Spotlight details execution plan skew, poorly optimized queries and historical runtime variance so operations teams can remediate issues as they arise. It also highlights hot partitions, outdated table statistics and other system and storage issues.