Elastic has recently announced new capabilities and updates to the Elastic Stack and Elastic Cloud. The upgrades focus on simplifying data management and onboarding, as well as enabling users to achieve faster data insights.

Among the upgrades featured is native Google Cloud data source integration with Google Cloud Dataflow. This provides users with faster data ingestion in Elastic Cloud as well as a simplified data architecture. This integration allows users to easily and securely ingest Pub/Sub, Big Query, and Cloud Storage data into their Elastic Cloud deployments. 

In addition, there have also been updates to Elasticsearch and Kibana that include: enhancements to runtime fields which gives users a new way to explore their data with the flexibility of schema on read and schema on write. 

InstallAware X14 for Windows 11

InstallAware released InstallAware X14, its first major version upgrade in almost a year. Some features included in the update are: the ability to programmatically pin apps to the new Windows 11 Start Menu/Taskbar, fully updated definitions for Windows 11 and Server 2022, and the ability to deploy .NET 6 in a single click.

In addition, users can also programmatically emit setup scripts from 64-bit binaries with the new 64-bit Scripting Interface as well as gain access to Full Stack ARM64 support including native setup captures and a 100% runtime free setup engine.

For more information on the upgrade, visit InstallAware’s website.

Testim Pro free for startups under 20 employees 

Testim is now offering Testim Pro features free to startups with fewer than 20 employees. With this, smaller startups gain access to Professional plan features such as: accessibility testing, TestOps, network mocking, API testing, and more.

Testim has also recently added TestOps features like pull requests, test status, owners, folders, and insights in order to help teams grow their test automation projects more efficiently and now small startups can gain access to those tools. 

The Professional plan also includes advanced features such as: scheduler, TestOps dashboard, email validation, pull requests, and test lifecycle status, all of which are essential to integrating a companies CI/CD pipeline and scaling your quality in your application. To find out if your startup qualifies to get Testim Pro for free, visit Testim’s website

Apache weekly update

ASF’s official global conference series, ApacheCon, is wrapped up for 2021 with presentations for ApacheCon Asia available on the ASF Youtube channel and ApacheCon@Home presentations to be posted shortly. 

Apache’s distributed infrastructure runs across three continents and 7M+ weekly checks yield uptime at 100.00%. Performance checks across 50 different service components spread over more than 250 machines in data centers globally. 

This past week, Apache Code Snapshot showed 328 Apache committers changed 7,398,124 lines of code over 2,924 commits. The top 5 contributors listed are: Harikishna Patnala, Gary Gregory, Andy Seaborne, Daniel Gruno, and Mark Thomas.

Apache also announced the release of Apache Druid 0.22.0, Apache Kafka 3.0.0, Apache Ignite 2.11.0, Apache NetBeans 12.5, and Apache Pulsar 2.8.1.