GitHub has released machine learning data from its 2018 State of the Octoverse report. According to the report, the top programming languages for machine learning on GitHub include Python, C++, JavaScript, Java and C#. In addition, the team took a look at the top machine learning projects on GitHub, which included TensorFlow, SciKit-Learn, spaCy, Julia and OpenPose. These projects show an interest in natural language processing and image processing, the company explained.

More information is available here.

Google’s developer community spaces
Google is opening up a new innovation space in San Francisco to give developers and startups more access to its solutions. The space will provide resources designed specifically for developers, designers and startups as well as a number of hands-on sessions on topics like Kubernetes, big data and AI.

“We designed the space with a single credo in mind, ‘We must continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.’ The flexible design of the space ensures our community has a place to learn, experiment, and grow,” Jeremy Neuner, head of Launchpad San Francisco, wrote in a post.

Ping tackles API security
Security company Ping Identity has announced updates to its AI-powered API cybersecurity solution to provide advanced protection against attacks. The updates include a AI-based cloud trial, support for new attacks, support for Splunk environments and additional integration with API gateways, the company explained. New attack types include attacks on login systems, data theft, remote application control, API-specific DoS/DDoS attacks, and stole credential attacks.

Lumigo leaves stealth
Serverless application solution provider Lumigo has left stealth mode this month with $8 million in seed funding. The funding will go towards the company’s serverless intelligence platform designed to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize serverless apps.

“We’re witnessing a radical transformation in the way developers build cloud applications,” said Erez Berkner CEO and co-founder of Lumigo. “The Lumigo platform accelerates this transformation by allowing developers to operate their serverless applications smoothly and with confidence, overcoming the serverless-specific runtime challenges.”