The maintainers of Go, the open source programming language, announced the release of version 1.18 in Beta 1. This first preview release is now available and can be downloaded directly. 

The beta release is the first to support generic code using parameterized types, the most significant change to Go since the release of Go 1. With this, certain subtle cases have been postponed to a future release. 

Additionally, Go 1.18 Beta 1 includes built-in support for writing fuzzing-based tests in order to automatically find inputs that cause the user’s program to crash or return invalid answers. This preview release also adds a new “Go workspace mode,” allowing the user to work with several Go modules at the same time. 

CData Software raises $140 million in Series B

CData Software, a provider of cloud connectivity and integration solutions, today announced a $140 million Series B funding round led by Updata Partners. This financing follows a $20 million Series A round also led by Updata Partners in March of 2020, bringing the total amount raised to $160 million. 

This funding round will allow CData to expand its cloud capabilities, investing in further development of its cloud-native universal platform. Additionally, CData will use this funding to bring new talent in across the organization in order to broaden its global presence. 

Deque’s axe DevTools Mobile expands support

Deque Systems, a software company that focuses on digital accessibility, today announced that axe DevTools Mobile now offers support for both Apple, including support for UIKit and SwiftUI, and Android ecosystems. This allows developers and application owners to integrate accessibility into their whole native mobile development ecosystem. 

Currently, axe DevTools Mobile tests Apple apps written in Swift or Objective C and Android apps written in Kotlin or Java, with support for Android apps written in JetPack Compose coming in Q1 2022. Axe DevTools in SwiftUI help users integrate accessibility into mobile development processes in order to streamline accessibility testing. 

“Mobile accessibility matters. The potential for lost revenue is enormous and growing every year. And, with mobile technology becoming critical for industries from retail and business to financial services and healthcare, accessibility has become a core business issue in almost every industry,” said Preety Kumar, founder and CEO of Deque Systems.