Google announced new database options to power enterprise workloads on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

The enhancements include:

  • Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server in alpha, which enables users to bring existing SQL Server workloads to GCP.
  • Federated queries from BigQuery to Cloud SQL
  • Elastic Cloud on GCP is now available in Japan and coming soon to Sydney 

“Our goal is to provide you the capabilities to run any workload, existing and future, on Google Cloud,” Google wrote in a post.

TigerGraph announces PartnerGraph program
Scalable graph database provider TigerGraph announced the launch of its PartnerGraph program. The program is designed to provide partners with tools, infrastructure and support. 

“With analysts in agreement that graph databases will become a multi-billion-dollar market in the coming years, it’s important that the graph database ecosystem become much bigger and stronger,” said Todd Blaschka, chief operating officer at TigerGraph. “PartnerGraph members will benefit from a focused program that will advance their goals and allow easy access to our industry-leading real-time graph analytics platform.”

The company explained that the program will enable businesses to build up the graph database market, which is expanding to new markets such as AI and machine learning. 

Ford acquires Quantum Signal for self-driving vehicle development
Ford acquired Quantum Signal, a mobile robotics, modeling and simulation solution provider. Ford plans to use this acquisition to further its self-driving vehicle goals. 

Ford plans to use the advancements Quantum Signal has made spanning real-time simulation, algorithm development, vehicle controls that support customer experience, as well as robotics, sensing and perception technology. 

“With the company’s expertise, we can develop even more comprehensive simulation environments at Ford in which we can test our vehicles and our business model in order to achieve further performance improvements,” Randy Visintainer, chief technical officer at Ford Autonomous Vehicles wrote in a blog post.

Electron 6.0 released 
The Electron team announced the release of Electron 6.0 with upgrades, fixes, new features and improvements to Electron’s APIs. 

Electron 6.0 continues the modernization initiative that was started in version 5.0 to improve Promise support. 

This release “begins laying the groundwork for a future requirement that native Node modules loaded in the renderer process be either N-API or Context Aware. The reasons for this change are faster performance, stronger security, and reduced maintenance workload,” the team wrote in a post. 

Canon and McAfee partner against cybersecurity threats
Canon and McAfee partnered up to fight against cybersecurity threats by providing enhanced embedded protection against malware execution and tampering of firmware and applications for multifunction printers (MFPs). 

Canon customers will receive McAfee Embedded Control as a standard security feature on third generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE 3rd edition MFPs. Embedded Control has already protected ATMs and retail point-of-sale systems by “blocking the execution of unauthorized applications through intelligent whitelisting,” which reduces the risks associated with sophisticated malware. 

“We felt it imperative to align with a company with a proven track record in the information security industry to provide our customers with additional security features that can help alleviate some concerns and open up more room for what should be top of mind in an office – productivity,”  said Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc.