Gremlin has announced a new integration with Spinnaker that will enable it to help companies automate chaos engineering. Gremlin is a company that specializes in helping companies implement chaos engineering, while Spinnaker is a continuous delivery platform first created by Netflix.

According to Gremlin, chaos engineering can now be automated across platforms like AWS EC2, Kubernetes, Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, and Openstack.

“With the rise of microservices and distributed architectures, it’s more important than ever to understand how your cloud infrastructure behaves under stress,” said Adam Jordens, core Spinnaker contributor and member of the Spinnaker Technical Oversight Committee. “By integrating with Gremlin, companies will be able to automate chaos engineering into their continuous delivery platform for the continual hardening and resilience of their internet systems.”

Django 2.2 now available
Django 2.2 has been announced as a long-term support (LTS) release. As an LTS release, it will receive security and data loss fixes for the next three years.

Key highlights of the release include HttpRequest.headers, database-level constraints on models, and watchmen compatibility.

MapR Data Platform updated
MapR has announced enhancements to its Data Platform. According to the company, the MapR Data Platform now features new integrations with Kubernetes core components that will make it easier for users to manage elastic workloads while facilitating in-time deployments.

Specific features include a tenant Operator, Spark job Operator, Drill Operator, and CSI driver Operator.

Confluent Platform 5.2 now available
Confluent Platform 5.2 is now available. Confluent is an event-streaming platform created by the developers of Apache Kafka.

According to the team, there are four key benefits in this release: free use of the platform in single Kafka brokers, UI enhancements that will enable users to better meet event streaming SLAs in distributed environments, the ability to stream events across on-prem and public cloud deployments, and support for librdkafka 1.0.

Altova updates MissionKit with support for the latest JSON Schema
Altova has released an update to its MissionKit solution. Version 2019 Release 3 adds support for the latest JSON Schema, new Split Text View options in XMLSpy, support for high-res monitors, and Web services mapping options in MapForce.

Dataiku Free Edition and Dataiku Lite Edition now available
Dataiku has released new Free and Lite versions for small- and medium-sized businesses. The new solutions will enable smaller organizations to make data science, machine learning, and AI more readily available to all.

“With these new offerings, we’re democratizing the use AI so that enterprises of any size can reap the tremendous competitive advantage that comes with today’s AI revolution,” said Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku. “We’re proud to be leading this movement and look forward to working alongside businesses of all sizes — whether a three-person company or large multinationals — to transform their business models and break open new markets and opportunities. In fact, we’re thrilled to already be partnering with over 1,000 smaller and medium-sized businesses who are starting their path to Enterprise AI with Dataiku Free and Lite Editions.”