Instana is adding a new GitOps enabled agent to its application performance management solution. 

According to the company, the Instana agent automatically supports Git-based configuration management to streamline configuration rollouts across multiple hosts.

“With this latest unique capability, Instana is giving more control to users while reducing manual effort, enabling them to manage agent configuration automatically during agent startup and reboot, and version pin the Instana agent to via their Git repository of preference,” said Chris Farrell, Instana technical director and APM strategist.

Instana’s automated APM solution discovers all application service components and application infrastructure, including cloud infrastructure such as AWS and Lambda, orchestration infrastructure like Kubernetes and Docker, application services and DevOps processes, thhe . 

.NET 5.0 Preview 7
New features in this release include the ability to ignore default values for value-type properties when serializing and the ability to handle circular references when serializing. 

The release also includes performance enhancements as well as improvements to garbage collection and RyuJIT.

Also, Microsoft said that single file and ARM64 intrinsics are two feature areas that are taking the longest time to complete, but are on track for Preview 8. ASP.NET Core and EF Core are also being released today. 

Additional details are available here.

Linux Foundation announces the Advanced Cloud Engineer Bootcamp
New program for experienced professionals includes online training, labs, instructor support and certification providing all the verifiable knowledge necessary to work as a cloud engineer.

The Linux Foundation Advanced Cloud Engineer Bootcamp bundles self-paced eLearning courses with certification and dedicated instructor support for a comprehensive and well-rounded educational program.

Participants will also have access to a bootcamp-specific online forum to interact with other students and instructors, as well as live virtual office hours with course instructors five days per week.

Additional details are available here.

Svelte supports TypeScript
Users can start a new Svelte TypeScript project using the normal template and by running node ‘scripts/setupTypeScript.js.’

“We think it’ll give you a much nicer development experience — one that also scales beautifully to larger Svelte code bases — regardless of whether you use TypeScript or JavaScript,” Svelte wrote in a blog post.

Svelte said it has been the most requested feature for a while.